Hi, my name is Jordi Schlooz. I’m an experienced Network Consultant with 20 years of experience within the IT industry. I’m specialized in Cisco products and technology from the area’s Routing and Switching, Services Provider and Security. Other area’s of interest are Network Management and Automation (python, YAML, JINJA2, Bash, etc). Certified for CCNP R&S, Design and several modules in CCNP Datacenter and Service Provider. I also hold certifications for ITIL and PRINCE2.

Why this BLOG?

I’ve started this blog to share research on network topics and use cases that I’ve come across during my work. I study a lot and I noticed some of the information doesn’t stick well.

Why not put it here for future reference?

Started all the way down as an Servicedesk engineer I’ve learned the basics of ITIL processes, IT environments, servers, clients, applications, Internet and so on. With a strong preference to work in the Networking field I’ve made some changes throughout my career. This would allow me to work for a large network operator, a cloud services company and a company specialized in semi-conductors. I held positions like Network Engineer, Technical Consultant and Senior Network Consultant. I also held several positions in commercial and non-commercial companies for a short period of time bases on hire contracts.

Some history

Throughout the years I’ve gained a lot of project experience on small and large projects. With Project Management and Service management as a complementary skill I was able to position myself in various roles within a project. From creating technical plans to low level designs and rollout schemes for large deployments, most of the project could be done with the highest possible quality and within the project’s deadline. One of the key factors I always try to pursue is adding Quality Control and Assurance to the project. Making sure what we promised is actual delivered and is working as expected. In large projects where the IT environment is constantly changing around the project QC and QA become very important. Is the IT infrastructure configuration of today still the same tomorrow and how do we control this?

Content disclaimer

The content placed in this website is based on my own research for my studies. Opinions are my own and are not affiliated with my current employer, previous employers or any vendor whatsoever. Content is not sponsored and is based on own experiences. Content can always be revised on second insights to make sure it remains factual rather than assumptious.

As I’m learning from various resources and this blog post represent my own study notes. It is not my intention to replicate or duplicate any existing resources, but rather spreading the information via my own learning process. 

For more information I strongly suggest reading the additional resources added in various blog post to master this topic. The people who worked on this did an absolutely great job explaining various topics. We should treat them with respect for the effort and work.

Hope you will enjoy the resources on this blog. Leave a comment and let’s connect!

And… as always the answer is 42.