Community Engagement :: Next level

It is time to interact with the Networking community on a different level.

I’ve been using twitter for many years now and used it for many personal interests like F1 sports and Bitcoins. But still I was missing out many good discussions and resources on Networking. This was due to a stacked up timeline with a lot of information. Although using LinkedIN is very useful to connect to people and share your capabilities and thoughts, you will hardly engage in dialogs. It’s just not the right platform for it. 

Getting into dialogs and discussions will help you understand how other people look to certain topics. You can learn from them and they can learn from you. And Twitter is a fast and easy platform for it.

Elaborating on how to better interact with your team members, communities and others is worth a post I will save this for another time.

First, lets get connected @Network_101010 and learn some more!

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