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IT Blog Awards Finalists 2020

:: The surprise of surprises

Just on a random mid-week evening sitting at the diner table eating my home made hamburger. All of a sudden my twitter feed explodes. What!? Co-networker enthusiast and twitter friend @NWMichl posted this:

@NWMichl 52m 
Woot! My blog has been as an IT Blog Awards fin*st. Of 
I am happy about every vote 
But in great company. right? @noblinkyblinky 
@tt1255 T BlogAwardS 
NWMichl Blog 
Final&t in the gest Newcomer Category Of the 2020 IT Blog Awards 

Hold on! My twitter handle is mentioned!??

Speedchecking the link provided and… it’s true!!

My blog has been selected as one of the finalists in the category “Best Certification Study Journey”

I totally missed the e-mail notification. I guess I was to busy with learning and working. But what a rush to be one of the five finalist in this category. I still have a huge backlog of upcoming posts I would like to share with all of you, so stay tuned and check in once in a while. Sometimes it’s not easy with CCIE studies and preps for upcoming exams.

:: Keep up-to-date

Also make sure you follow my twitter handle @Network_101010 to stay up-to-date and interact with the community. We are glad to help.

Thank you for all you voters out there! And a huge congrats and thank you to all other finalists for getting into and interacting with the community.

You can cast your vote here if you haven’t done it already.

And as most of the times the answer is 42!